Finally, the USA has shelf stable herb products! Ready to add the fresh taste of herbs to your dishes year  around.

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Shelf Stable Herb Sauces, Award Winning Pestos, Potted Herbs, Herbal Vinegars &

Dry Rubs from the foothills of the Ozarks.

Herbs add complexity and goodness to a wide range of recipes. People will think of you as a gourmet cook when you use our herbs, sauces and vinegars, that is why we are "Gourmet Made Easy". Create healthy dishes year around without perservatives or sodium. We choose to be perservative and salt free so you can be in charge of your health. Make every meal delicious with the dry rubs and olive oils featuring fresh herbs and spices from Harvest Fresh Farm in the Ozarks. With these products, every meal offers gourmet flavors, and there is no need to be a trained chef to make them.
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Bring down home goodness to your meals Give every meal a fresh flavor, whether you are grilling a juicy steak or making a hearty soup. Add a little of our Certified Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from California to give every dish  extra moisture and a fabulous herbal flavor also they will make every sauce extra silky and smooth.

All of our herbs in oil products include delicate, high-quality fresh herbs, chopped and preserved for just for you. After opening they will stay fresh for 3 weeks in your fridge or freeze for up to one year, saving you money.

High-Quality Herb Products
Transform your meals with our fresh herb products, from pasta, veggies, poultry, lamb, pork and steak. We don't take any shortcuts. We use only the finest all natural ingredients. Get yours today and make every meal that much better with:

• Herbal Sauces, Dry Blends, Old World Pesto, Herbal Vinegars & Domestic EVOO


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Our products fit into your specialty food store or finer grocery market. Give your bottom line a boost with our small case count and easy to stock products. Your customers will keep coming back for more. Simply call to get a multiple case discount. 


Commitment to Freshness & Satisfaction
Our company is committed to creating nothing but a fresh product, just see what our satisfied customers have said. In addition, we are committed to food safety to ensure our products are the best on the shelves. If you are unsatisfied with your order, simply return it to get your money back.

Contact us in Desha, Arkansas, to spice up every dish on your menu with fresh herbs and spices.
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Awards & Recognition: Our Cilantro in Oil is a "Hit" with Phil Lempert the Supermarket Guru, editor of Supermarket News

We are endorse by Chef Sam Morgante, a former Military White House Chef for President Clinton and President George W Bush, Our Products were Accepted into the Trends & Innovation Category at Sial Canada, 2012